The Durham Board of Elections is racing toward a deadline of Monday evening to complete their recount of the votes for the governors race. As of Sunday night, 53,000 votes had been recounted and the report said that Democrat Roy Cooper has picked up three votes while McCrory has lost one vote while the […]

Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic candidate Roy Cooper State squared off tonight about everything from Republican nominee Donald Trump’s comments about women to the Black Lives Matter Movement. On HB972 (Releasing Police Camera Footage) McCrory: We need to balance the public interests, we also need to balance the constitutional rights of those being investigating. I […]

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The states of North Carolina and Missouri are making it harder for individuals to obtain video recorded by police body cameras and dash cams. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon have both signed bills regulating the release of video recordings from police body and dashboard cameras. In North Carolina, the law will allow the people […]