Denzel Washington

This Sunday, the 2013 Oscars will grace our television sets, honoring Hollywood heavyweights, such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Naomi Watts. But if you are wondering…

There is no doubt that Denzel Washington is probabally one of the top African American actor in Hollywood right now. According to Quigley Publishing Company he is the top money maker for 2012.  Denzel has been on this poll seven other times but this is the first year he was crowned winner. The top ten […]

A ski resort that wanted to drive traffic to its business rumored that Denzel was dead, but he is very much alive.

Isn't it just like a mama.... My baby is running his first touchdown of the season and I'm running... oh no, I'm hit. Check out the video.

Halle Berry is expected to perform on Broadway.

We honor Denzel Washington for Black History Month 2010 for his vast contributions to the arts as one of our greatest American actors. How well do you think you know Denzel? Take our trivia quiz and test your "fanism."