The holidays are right around the corner. This is the time of year when people who are trying to watch their weight start obsessing over carbs. I think it is time to present the truth on carbs once and for all.

Members of the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police are expressing concern over a state Supreme Court ruling that forces the release of 20 longtime inmates.The inmates are scheduled to be released Oct. 29.

While North Carolina was amidst a severe drought, a private Chatham County golf club, which then-Gov. Mike Easley was a member, was receiving millions of gallons of water for its greens.

On today’s Power Thought Melissa talks Worship.

The <strong>UNC-Chapel Hill</strong> fraternity president was shot to death by an <strong>Archdale</strong> police officer. <!--more-->

A young Muslim girl converts to Christianity and fears punishment from her parents. Read about her story. <!--more-->

<strong>Mike Tyson</strong> and <strong>Evander Holyfield</strong> are getting together and it's not to talk about <strong>Evander's</strong> ear. <!--more-->