Listen to tips on how to help our college kids stay out of debt.  Financial coach, Bridget Tate joins us and shares some great information for the students and the parents.  Listen to these tips. Bridget Tate is the Director of National Programs for a National nonprofit organization. In this role, she leads virtual coaching […]

  Today Dr. Allen Mask talked about the Delta variant with COVID-19 and what makes it different, then gives us tips on the best ways to protect ourselves.   Listen in….   Dr. Allen Mask completed his undergraduate work at the University of North Carolina and medical school at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.  He completed his […]

  Your Working Mom Wednesday Tip Of The Week looks at making a financial plan vs having a budget.  Which is best and why?  Listen as Kera Hansil “cousin Kera” gives us insight on these 2 Working Mom Wednesday Tips, on what’s best and how we can do it. Kera Hansil Ask Cousin Kera / […]

Working Mom Wednesday is now featured as a “tip of the week.”  This week we get tips about Health and Weight and how they affect us from stress and obesity Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne. Working Mom Wednesday is designed as a midweek refresher for working moms. This feature will provide tips on best practices for mental […]

Dr. Nicole Swiner joins us today to give an update on the COVID-19 vaccinations, its importance and the Delta variant. Listen as she shares the most updated and important information with Melissa and our working moms. Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF NORTH CAROLINA – OFFERING A VARIETY OF PLANS FOR YOU AND YOUR […]

  Today we talked about how to navigating a career that aligns with your core values with our guest Sr. Leader at BCBS of NC Mrs. Fran Gary.    Listen as she talks with our working moms and gives advice of how to find the purpose in our careers though knowing our core values and […]

As we recognize Men’s Health Month – Dr. Allen Mask gives us two important things our men need to be sure to check when it comes to their health. Listen in for the Working Mom Minutes segments as Dr. Mask talks with Melissa Wade. Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF NORTH CAROLINA – OFFERING […]

  It’s summertime… and we are grilling or eating out. So what foods and drinks should we go towards or stay away from? Nutritionist Kristin E of Better Than Medicine joined us with some great information. Listen as she talks with Melissa Wade during today’s Working Mom Wednesday segment. Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD […]

Source: radio one / Radio OneSo many of us have put on more pounds than we want or need during the pandemic, we call it the COVID-19 .  Stress and Obesity doctor, Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne joined us today to talk about the best ways to get it and keep it off.  Listen as she gives […]

Women are deciding to have children later in life and the Millennials more than any other generation.  Our guest OBGYN Dr. Naima Dillard shares the pros and cons of doing so and give us some great resources to follow.  Check out the interview during “Working Mom Wednesday’s” with Melissa Wade. Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE […]