As working moms we are always taking care of someone…. from the kids and in more cases having to take care of an aging or elderly parent.  The stress can become unbearable at times and isn’t good our health or mood. Dr. Tiffany, author of Destress for Success is back with us and giving us […]

[AUDIO] Dr. Stallings was Melissa’s guest today giving our working moms the benefits of implementing good nutrition into kids lives now can keep them from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and more…. as we recognize Nutrition this month. Dr. Stalling’s 7 principles of good nutrition:  Food Prep is Key Eat more Veggies Eat less meat […]

Today Melissa talked “teeth”… it’s National Children’s Dental Health Month and dentist Dr. Dinah Vice of Sunrise Dental was my guest. How important are children’s first teeth? What age should they start going to the dentist? How can mom’s dental health effect the kids? How important is fluoride for babies teeth? And more….. Working Mom […]

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime…. Join Melissa Wade every Wednesday at 10am for Working Mom Wednesday’s for important issues and topics that deal with women. Today we recognize national self check month and President  of NC Sisters Network of the Triangle– breast cancer awareness –  Valerie Worthy […]

It’s the season of LOVE and  Dr. Wil Nichols, who has the “My Marriage University” gives advice on some of the most asked questions.   Whether married or single we have questions: How do my spouse and I keep the fire burning for one another? Is there anything special we can to do on a […]

Heart disease is a leading cause of death for women in the US and Doc Swiner joined us today to give tips on how to prevent and naturally treat blood pressure and heart disease. February is National Heart Health Month. If you missed the show today … listen as Melissa talks with Doc Swiner about […]

Today Melissa’s “Working Mom Wed’s” talks with Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne about the advantages and disadvantages of diets and what’s “intermittent fasting?” … working moms, are these diets safe and what’s the best for you? Listen to today’s show and Join Melissa Wade for Working mom Wednesday’s (every Wednesday) beginning at 10am, as she covers issues and […]

Source: radio one / Radio OneKier Ayers is Chef Journey and her remarkable testimony from teen mom to chef and helping us with tips on how to meal prep, gave us inspiration today on “Working Mom Wednesday’s.” Listen to her interview with Melissa Wade.   Kier Ayers was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. […]

To some buying a home seems to be an impossible dream.  My guest Cathy Edwards say it’s not.  Today she has some advice for our working moms and single working moms to get started. …. more about Cathy Edwards Originally from Baltimore, MD, Cathy moved to North Carolina over 15 years ago.  She lives with […]

Today Melissa talked with Dr. C. Nicole Swiner (DocSwiner) about “the Superwoman Complex” and how to avoid it and become a healthier YOU.  Listen to more… Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF NORTH CAROLINA – OFFERING A VARIETY OF PLANS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, SERVING NORTH CAROLINA FOR OVER 85 YEARS Here’s more […]