Radio One Raleigh recently joined the "Building A Better You" personal development program for our 30 days of giving.

Mount Pisgah OFWB Church will celebrate 150 years of ministry. I had the opportunty to speak to the astor Bishop Reginald S. Hinton about this historic occation and and the events surrounding the celebration.

Zuckerberg donated a grand sum in order to balance an unflattering portrait of him in the newly released film "The Social Network".

Things appear to be getting serious between Halle Berry and her co-star-turned-boyfriend Oliver Martinez. The Oscar winner recently introduced him to her mother.

Be mindful of who you invite in your home. Why you’re asking yourself. NC man was shot and killed in home invasion. One of the suspects knew the man and ate dinner with him regularly.

Why did this NC women Hire a Hitman to kill her husband.

Through all the accolades, press, fame and attention, Albertina Walker has remained consistent in her devotion to the Body of Christ.

About 100 local World War II veterans flew out of Raleigh Thursday on a trip to see the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C.

The average murder case in North Carolina took 544 days to go to trial last fiscal year. In that time, 619 people were charged with murder and only 106 went to trial.