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Pennsylvania law enforcement officials said they’re preparing for a worst-case scenario in locations where people are most concerned about militias and hate groups intimidation voters at the polls.

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The solution now for people who are missing their ballots is to go to their clerk’s office and pick one up.

It wasn't just that Allen West defended a caravan of pro-Trump truck drivers surrounding a Biden campaign bus in an apparent act of intimidation. How he defended it matters too.

Just days ahead of the election, California Sen. Maxine Waters had some choice words for Black voters intending to cast ballots for Donald Trump.

The killing of Walter Wallace Jr. was the latest installment in a timeline of terror perpetrated by the Philadelphia Police Department, which has a substantial history of brutality, corruption and overall malfeasance.

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Candace Owens inexplicably suggested that Lil Wayne's endorsement of Donald Trump lends credence to her decidedly failed so-called "Blexit" campaign to purge Black voters from the Democratic Party.

After Lil Wayne's stunning endorsement of Trump, we may continue to see more rappers come out and support the president's re-election campaign. However, it seems pretty safe to assume that ASAP Rocky will not be one of them.

Older Black voters are not just making a serious difference at the ballot box, but they're also doing so to historic proportions in key battleground states that are crucial to the election's outcome.

The president is ramping up his racist rhetoric to rally his hateful base of supporters as polling shows he's fighting an uphill battle that seemingly keeps steepening with less than a week before the election.

Tafara Willims, who was injured in the police shooting that killed her boyfriend, Marcellis Stinnette, described the deadly encounter that differs sharply from the Waukegan Police Department's narrative.