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Gabrielle E. W. Carter, Derrick Beasley and Gerald C. Harris came up with Tall Grass Food Box which has been helping out local Black farmers.

“We’re creating a platform for them to become more visible,” said Carter, “and for people to reach out to them on their own outside of Tall Grass Food Box.”

“We’ve got okra, we’ve got eggplant, we have corn, tomatoes, beautiful heirloom tomatoes,” Carter said, according to ABC11. “And what we’ve been doing is sourcing them from different farmers, so that’s a fun opportunity to kind of mix up the variety.”

“This is a way for them to spread the love, throughout Black farmers, all over North Carolina. And it’s kind of exciting, watching our subscriber open their boxes and post to Instagram what was in the box this week! This is really an opportunity for us to get excited about produce, food that;s grown locally and why it’s important to get your food locally.”




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