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According to Women’s Wear Daily, in 2019, athleisure wear and bodysuits were the fastest growing trend amongst women of all ages – which were made exponentially popular by celebrities and influencers in the area of wearable gym fashion.

The Bawdy Filter is designed by a Black woman and stands out as a company on the rise that delivers affordable style, comfort and quality. 

The Vamped Romper (Lite)

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HelloBeautiful had the chance to speak with this innovative bodysuit boss about the signature shapewear, the influence of her daughter on her entrepreneurial journey and her goals for the brand.

Founded in 2019, The Bawdy Filter was created by B. Lin Murphy to address her personal difficulties with clothing and create a solution with comfort, wearable compression and a collection of five versatile styles. With sizes ranging from 0-18 in a variety of colors and manufactured using handpicked materials, the collection with a starting point of $80 gives customers the opportunity to be philanthropists by donating a portion of their purchase to their favorite non-profit. Did we mention they have built-in undergarments?

“They make more money when buyers are conditioned to accept lower quality, fast fashion. However, especially our post-COVID world, consumers are becoming even more aware of the need for comfort and durability,” Murphy said to HelloBeautiful about the relationship between manufacturers, retailers and the value of creating quality clothing for consumers.

“I want to support women who find themselves in a variety of situations and want clothes that they can rely on no matter the occasion. Each bawdy filter features selective compression that minimizes the appearance of rolls, dents, and bumps. Our signature style has built-in shapewear in the midsection,” the three-time children’s book author told HelloBeautiful.

The Vamped Romper (Lite)

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“As a woman who developed diastasis recti during pregnancy, I have a need for more support and compression in my abdomen. In a bawdy filter, my torso looks firmer and smoother. Bawdy filters have compression sleeves and a zipper that cinches and accentuates your shape. The inspiration behind The Bawdy Filter brand is to support women in their endeavors by providing a staple garment with qualities that help them power through their days and achieve their goals.”

“As a little girl, I loved the idea of fashion designing, but I loved inventing and entrepreneurship even more. I have always been passionate about identifying voids and solving problems. I’m a compulsive creator and passionate innovator,” founder B. Lin Murphy told HelloBeautiful. Knowing that the fashion industry isn’t all about textures and textiles, Murphy graduated with her business degree from Florida A&M University in 2008 and took it up a notch by attending law school at night while working in accounting and finance by day. Eight years later, the rising Chicagoland bred boss relocated to Los Angeles to finally tap into her childhood interest for fashion design and innovation. However, the recognition of her passion was out of more necessity than desire. 

“My daughter, who is now seven-years-old, started having issues wearing clothes due to a sensory sensitivity disorder. She is very sensitive to textures, seams, and fabrics. I founded my active girls’ lifestyle brand, Bittyrina, because I wanted to create activewear that was comfortable for kids like her. As I designed and developed gear for her, I became interested in designing and manufacturing comfortable and considerate women’s clothing,” Murphy added. 

Designing for her daughter’s needs sparked Murphy’s initial interest in designing athleisure wear and bodysuits. “I  designed a special leotard for my daughter– it was the perfect fit and feel for her. Once I saw her face light up, I knew that I could impact people in unimaginable ways by creating functional clothing. Comfort and versatility are key. Function and support are integral. I hope to continue to  make clothing that answers needs, removes frustration, and eases days for women. In spite of everything going on over the last few weeks, The Bawdy Filter’s bodysuits have saved me from so much discomfort. I have patents pending on activewear and plan to keep the innovation going for the sake of ‘busy bawdies’ everywhere.”

Lin Murphy, like most of us women, have always appreciated a good bodysuit. The comfort and convenience of a simple romper, jumpsuit or dress always strips away the hassle of throwing a whole ensemble together, but you can still achieve that chic effortless look. However, she soon realized that the one-piece palace was becoming oversaturated and the quality of her outfits began to decrease more and more. “I was constantly tossing shrunken pieces with faded or see-through fabrics, broken zippers, outdated patterns and overused prints. I’d frequently donate styles that were shapeless or didn’t suit my shape, because some retailers don’t allow returns or offer free return shipping,” she admitted to HelloBeautiful.

“The inconvenience I encountered while searching for a considerate and convenient one-piece outfit, specifically a high-quality bodysuit, is what inspired me to create the look and fit that supports me and women like me. I designed The Bawdy Filter to be the dynamic woman’s ‘bawdy’s’ best friend.”

During a time when we’re approaching a second wave of COVID-19, comfort is everything while staying at home and The Bawdy Filter has released new antimicrobial bodysuits to make quarantine that much more chic and bearable. “Antimicrobial fabric can help prevent the spread of disease by limiting the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They do not flourish in the fibers of antimicrobial fabric. This is an especially beneficial quality to have in fabrics that are expected to be worn close to the skin. I created the brand to feature styles that are supportive and feel like a second layer of skin,” explained The Bawdy Filter founder.

Lin Murphy intentionally used this soft and durable fabric to truly test its ability of withstanding time and longevity. “By being anti-microbial, The Bawdy Filter’s bodysuits can be worn in many instances. They can be worn on a wearer’s most active day which may include a hike or a dip in a pool or ocean. Our BAWDYsuits are versatile enough to also be dressed up and worn to a dinner date, a socially-distanced brunch, or on a Zoom teleconference.


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