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Grocery shopping is something that we all need to do. Now that the governor requires North Carolinians to wear masks in public, do you wonder where your local grocery store stands on the mask issue?

According to WRAL, most local stores are on the same page:

Carlie C’s – They sell masks for $1, but won’t kick you out if you aren’t wearing one.

Lowes Foods – Require masks, but won’t kick you out.

Trader Joe’s – Require masks and offers free masks. Won’t kick you out.

Costco – Require masks and will ask you to leave if you aren’t wearing one.

Target – Masks are required, but they won’t ask you to leave.

Food Lion – One Durham store said they will ask you to leave if you aren’t wearing a mask.

Walmart: “Maintaining customer and associate safety remains our top priority. We encourage customers to be especially mindful of one another during this unprecedented time and adhere to recommendations and decisions made by local officials regarding the use of protective facial coverings while in public spaces.”

Publix: “Masks are only required by customers in areas where a local ordinance requires this. We must comply with all local orders. Ordinance details are ever-changing and may vary by area.”

Harris Teeter: “For those not in compliance, our policy is for a member of store management to approach the shopper to inform them of the order and offer a free, disposable mask. If the individual declines, we must remember and understand that there are many exceptions outlined in the order, and our associates are not authorized nor qualified to ask an individual to present proof that they qualify for an exception.”




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