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It doesn’t come as a surprise that after Walmart announced that they will no longer lock up the Black hair care products in their stores, other popular drugstore chains followed suit.

According to the Associated Press, Walgreens announced last week that they too will stop placing hair styling goods used by mostly African-American women in anti-theft cases.

“We are currently ensuring multicultural hair care and beauty products are not stored behind locked cases at any of our stores,” Walgreens said in a statement emailed to the AP.

CVS also jumped in late last week, telling the Business Insider that they will no longer discriminate against customers of color, as it goes against their “nondiscrimination policy.”

“We have a firm nondiscrimination policy that applies to all aspects of our business, and our product protection measures have never been based on the race or ethnicity of our customers. After reviewing the security measures we have in place for many different products and categories, we are taking steps in our stores to ensure that no hair, beauty, or personal-care products for communities of color are kept in locked displays or shelving units.”

Now, this move doesn’t come as too much of a shock, given that in the wake of the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others, this country is having a public reckoning when it comes to race. That, and people are not afraid to call out companies, including this tweet:

While it’s unclear how many stores at CVS and Walgreens were locking up our products, but It’s about time that these stores finally rid away with the notion that Black women, who spend billions each year on hair care, are stealing off their shelves.


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