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We forget about ourselves, but during times like these, you’ll see you have a little more time to cater to yourself and become the best you.

Get Your Sleep

Grab your sleep. Now it’s time to take it back to pre-school, schedule a naptime. Get your rest and see the brighter and better you.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water is a must but spring water is the best. It’ll make you fell far more hydrated than you think. It’s reported that you need eight 8-ounce glasses a day.

Take Time For Meditation

Set time to meditate, it doesn’t have to be an hour or even thirty minutes. You can take about 8 minutes to focus your thoughts. Meditation is something you can take with you back to work. On your lunch break, grab a few minutes to find your peace.

Gain Some Natural Light

You might feel like this is a dark time, but it isn’t. The days are still bright, so open a window and benefit from the vitamin D shining in your window.

Keep Up Your Hygiene

Not saying you didn’t take a bath before, but maybe you were too busy and always took a shower. Give yourself 30 minutes to soak in the tub, add a little Epson salt or baking soda.

These tips, get you to selfishly give time back to yourself. In the words of Maxine Waters, it’s time to reclaim your time.

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