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Music is my number one inspiration

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Some people love to cuddle up with a good book, and some love to listen to music.

I, D’Shonda Brown, have become a bit of a podcast junkie over the years. Whether I’m working on a project on my laptop or aimlessly laying in bed with my own thoughts, listening to a podcast is an experience for me that allows me to be inspired, encouraged and engaged – while being in complete solitude. Listening to the voices of Black women who have similar lived experiences aligned with mine is comforting and allows me to build a relationship with the hosts that evokes an emotion of vulnerability and trustworthiness.

I want to give you all the gift of some of my favorite podcasts to listen to when I’m on my way to work, sitting at home, or just in need of a little pick-me-up during the day.

Black Girl Podcast


What do you get when you place five beautiful Black women in the entertainment industry together with a microphone? Black Girl Podcast! Hosted by Bexx Francois, Sapphira Martin, Alysha P, Gia Peppers and Scottie Beam, Black Girl Podcast has become the crowd favorite for Black women across the nation. Listen to these five ladies as they adult together, cry on each other’s shoulders and tackle the real down and dirty of being a Black woman in today’s society. While you’re at it, check out their most recent interview on AOL Build Series with Buzzfeed’s Jameer Pond.


Therapy For Black Girls

Throughout our Black experiences, we are taught that we can solve whatever problems we have with prayer, tea, ginger ale and sleep. While that may be the bandaid to place over the wound, it doesn’t take the place of any stitches or surgery that we may need to repair any internal damage. Dr. Joy Harden’s Therapy For Black Girls is a weekly podcast with Atlanta’s very own licensed psychologist to discuss mental health trends and tips pertaining to Black women and answers personal questions and anecdotes from listeners.


Small Doses with Amanda Seales

You’ve seen her on HBO’s Insecure alongside Issa Rae. You’ve probably seen her standup on tour, “Smart, Funny and Black”. You’ve seen her as the newest addition to Emmy-winning daytime talk show The Real. Listen to her podcast, Small Doses, to hear Amanda Seales like you’ve never heard her before. This podcast takes you through conversations of respectability politcs in the workplace, sex, racism, and more all through the lense of the best friend you’ve always wanted to give you the tea when it’s pipping hot.


Your Bossiest Friend: The Podcast by Milan Mobley

Milan Mobley, before hitting her 30s, has successfully launched UMGMT Public Relations, ran a four-year EntreprenueHERs Brunch tour across the nation and has helped women creating six-figure brands. Where does she find the time to be a bomb podcast host? We’re not sure, but we’re grateful that the young powerhouse has been able to bless us with Your Bossiest Friend: The Podcast as she lets us inside of her head about the ins and outs of business, finance, entrepreneurship and self-care as a young Black woman taking on the world as a fearless entrepreneur in the public relations space.


Black Girl Nerds Podcast

Being a nerd has always been something that children are teased for at such a young age, but this podcast just made it so much sexier and engaging! Black Girl Nerds is an online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. From 2020 Oscar nomination snub predictions to top Black romantic comedies, host and creator Jamie Broadnax has created an online publication through Black Girl Nerds for pop culture, entertainment and more for Black nerds and entertainment snobs like us who want to stay in the know and engage in conversation.


AFFIRM Podcast

AFFIRM, hosted and created by Davia Roberts, is the mental health podcast for women of color that you never knew you needed. By day, Davia is a meditation facilitator and mental health and wellness speaker, but when the mic comes on, Davia is the host of a biweekly podcast curated specifically for women who look and think like we do. Affirm your worth, value your mental health and seek wholeness with AFFIRM Podcast.


Clever Girls Know Podcast

Have you ever been on your way to work just thinking about how much money you have to save and pinch just to survive the next month – all while being employed and trying to stay alive? Bola Sokunbi has the solutions for you on Clever Girls Know Podcast. Bola, founder of Clever Girl Finance, has created a podcast specifically catered to those women who wish to seek financial education and assistance to dig themselves out of debt, save their coins and build upon – or maintain – their wealth. If you’re looking for a podcast for women all things money and finances, this one’s for you.


Let Your Voice Be Heard! Podcast

If you’re looking for a way to get more involved with the political climate and social commentary through the lense of a Black woman, this is for you. Co-hosted, produced and founded by well-respected journalist Selena Hill, digital editor of Black Enterprise, this podcast goes live every Sunday at 11 AM EST via Facebook and Instagram Live. Unfortunately, they are currently under construction, but you can still engage with their social media platforms and with Selena at @BeHeardPod.


My Taught You by Myleik Teele

As the founder and CEO of curlBOX, Myleik Teele takes us on a journey through her head as she shares knowledge and experiences from her secret vault that is her mind on her podcast, My Taught You. Topics range from romance to careers to personal growth and development from a woman’s perspective and offers guidance with a tough love, yet sweet spirit that keeps listeners engaged.


Gettin’ Grown Podcast

Imagine sitting in the living room with your best friend in your 30s, drinking wine, chopping it up and still navigating through life together. That is the summation of what you’ll get with Jade and Keia in the Gettin’ Grown Podcast. As they navigate their world of adulthood together, these two ladies let you under the covers of their day-to-day lives with work, bills, insurance policies, relationships and more! You can also keep up with them on Instagram and by subscribing to their website.


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