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Shaq “Knows” He And Kobe Could Have Beaten LeBron And Anthony Davis

Shaquille O’Neal has never been bashful–and why should he be? Whether it’s on the basketball court or throughout his many successful business ventures, Shaq knows what he’s doing and he’s not afraid to tell you that.

One thing that will always be a topic of conversation within the basketball world is whether or not former stars would be able to beat current players, which is a topic that came up on Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show.

During his interview, Jimmy Fallon ended up asking Shaq if he thinks that he and his former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant would be able to beat current Los Angeles ballers Anthony Davis and LeBron James. If you know anything about Shaq, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that he didn’t hesitate to assure the crowd that he and Kobe have this in the bag.

“Do I think or do I know?” O’Neal responded with a huge smile on his face. “I like having these conversations because, of course, they could never be answered. But, yes. The answer is yes. Hell yes. Of course. Because there’s only one contributing factor, who’s going to guard me?”

And Shaq is exactly right: these arguments about what players would beat other players in a hypothetical game are pretty useless, because we’re never really going to find out–but that what makes the discussions fun. As for Shaq’s role in the would-be match-up, he’s got a pretty good point, and even though he and Kobe are bother retired, a lot of fans would still kill to see all four of these Lakers on the court together.

Check out the video down below to see Shaquille O’Neal talk about him and Kobe winning against the Lakers’ current roster.

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