Thanksgiving Turkey

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Today Chef Athena Chamblee (Divine Goddess health and Wellness) was our guest giving us some last minute cooking tips for your Thanksgiving meal.

In a world where all society tends to be obsessed with is the smallest waist size and the lowest weight on the scale, we have lost the importance of just simply being healthy. All of the things we are obsessed with achieving is a byproduct of the dedication we put in to achieve optimal health. The numbers on the scale, the pants size we want to fit in will all come when we set our Mind Body and Soul to just being healthy. The only numbers that really matter are cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels. Those are the numbers we should revel in and feel accomplished!

I have spent 90% of my life trying to be a certain weight, pants size and not addressing the mental issues and I finally said … Listen Athena all you need to do is “Strive To Be a Size Healthy”. The scale does not define me or you … it’s a gauge and go by.




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