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There are levels to skincare. While some of us are just happy to wash the makeup off our face every night, others have a 12-step skincare routine. There are also others that go the distance when it comes to skincare, doing preventative measures to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and acne, like regular facials or even laser light therapy. These skincare methods, while they work, can be very, very pricey and often require multiple visits to truly see results.

Enter the world of laser facials. If you want to take your facial routine to the next level, you may want to consider a laser facial. A laser facial uses a laser to deep clean your pores, leave your skin feeling brighter, and improving the texture. After several visits, if you suffer from acne, it’s also been known to clear that up too. If you don’t have $1K to drop, you can go to Skin Laundry.

Skin Laundry is working towards making fancy facials more accessible to everyday people. Skin Laundry was founded in Santa Monica, California and currently has 23 locations globally. If you are lucky to live by a Skin Laundry, you might want to consider popping in. The company is led by Dr. Adam Geyer, a board-certified dermatologist. It was founded by Yen Reis, who struggled with acne for years. They boast the Laser & Light Facial, which is 15 minutes, no downtime, and only $75.00. While all lasers are considered non surgical, not all lasers have zero downtime. Non-ablative lasers, or lasers that only use heat but don’t injure the surface of the skin, require no downtime. Ablative lasers is deemed one of the most effective cosmetic procedures for improving skin aging. The procedure users lasers to deliver an intense wavelength of light into the skin and remove the outer layers of the epidermis. This procedure can have 2-3 weeks of recovery.

Upon entering the location, if feels like an airy medical spa. I signed in on the iPAD and chatted with Dr. Adam Geyer, a private practice dermatologist based in TriBeca, who is also the Medical Director of Skin Laundry. Before my appointment, I admit, I was very skeptical. I fall in the range of someone who has a good skincare routine, but I haven’t delved in the medical arena of options like fillers or laser treatments. It just seems aggressive and could aggressive really improve my skin? I held nothing back.

Dr. Geyer explained the goal of Skin Laundry is “to bring light and laser treatments from the rarified offices of dermatologists to a wider audience and to do so safely and efficiently.” As mentioned earlier, laser light therapy and facials can cost up to $1K. Dr. Geyer shared, “In a dermatologists office, if something is in the $400-$500 range, it will be in the $75 to $150 range here.” They keep the costs at a minimum in several ways. One, they allow specially trained nurses to administer the procedures. Dr. Geyer explained, “at a dermatologist office, it’s the doctor who is directly performing it often, depends on what office you are going to.” Another reason is that medical offices have a higher overhead because there is more staff. Dr. Geyer explained, “We keep costs low by keeping the treatments efficient.” They keep the menu small because they “want to do a few things really well.” I kind of appreciated that there are only three treatment offerings, knowing that the staff is well trained in these arenas.

Skin Laundry Visit

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I signed up for the lowest level treatment: the 15 minute laser and light therapy. Dr. Geyer reassured me, “We want customers and clients to grow within their treatments. What you would start out with today is not an aggressive treatment, nothing here is aggressive.” The fact that nothing is aggressive also keeps the costs affordable. I was still a little leery. A laser on my face? I looked around the office and saw none of the models or people with my skin tone. He shared, “You aren’t pushing the envelope where something needs to be done in a Doctors hands where energy settings are at that line between risk and benefit.” He continued, “You are doing treatments that are safe and universally safe. It’s something where yes, you will require more treatments in order to maintain and build results because we’re not an all in one approach where you’re going in for a total overhaul and having a significant recovery, but with risk.”

I instantly felt a bit better about the treatment. After we spoke, I was introduced to a nurse who would be performing my treatment. Before going in, they had me wipe my face with this pad. Once laying on the table, the nurse went over with me what we would be doing again (even though I did it in the iPAD) and asked if I had any questions. Then we got started.

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