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Gucci - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

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Gucci can’t seem to keep to themselves out of trouble. The brand most recently was in trouble for a sweater that resembled Black face and now they are in the hot seat again. Whew chile, where is Dapper Dan?! Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director for Gucci, presented his Spring 2020 collection in Milan and while the clothes were well received, a certain accessory, less so.

An anklet went down the runway but it wasn’t just any anklet. The anklet features “golden bullets” which are actually Gucci Beauty lipsticks; however, the design looks more like an ankle monitor or individuals on house arrest. For things to go into production, it often goes through several rounds of approval. The fact that this made it from in house to runway lets me know that there probably weren’t many (if any) Black people who were a part of the decision making process.

While Gucci has promised to come up with new diversity and inclusion and even hired an exec for the position, if people of color are not placed in high levels throughout the organization, things like this happen. Gucci has been lucky it has not been damaging to the brand, especially when Black spending power reaches $1.2 trillion dollars. It may be in part because of their close relationship with Dapper Dan and celebrities like Beyoncé; however, for how long will their social currency protect them?

Consumers took to Twitter to express their displeasure and confusion from the brand. We rounded up some of our favorite responses. Keep on clicking to see them all.

Beauties, we want to know what you think? Was this out of line or an honest mistake? Are you still rocking with Gucci? Sound off in the comment section below.

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