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Star Fellowship Baptist Church

Source: Star Fellowship Baptist Church / Star Fellowship Baptist Church

Here are some possible tips that may help you decide the best fit for you and your church home.

  1.  Clarity in Beliefs  …  Would you say that your new church home’s principles and missions are clear.
  2.  Integrity of Leadership  …  Do the teachings of your new church align with the accurate interpretations of the Scripture?
  3.  Freedom  …  Do you think the members of your church exercise their right to grow at their own pace while they walk along with God?
  4. Service  … the first church directed by Jesus believed in caring for each other and the greater community.
  5.  Welcoming Spirit  …  Do you find leaders and members welcoming you into this place of worship? Do they seem happy with your presence?
  6. Growth  …  Do you see the church growing? Or do they at least aspire to grow?