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We may have found the greatest, most inventive Twitter thread of all time: The Beyoncé’s Assistant game.

User @CornyAssBitch created the thread late Saturday night and it managed to spread like wildfire with many people doing their best not to get fired on the first try.

What do you have to do? Simple, lead Beyoncé through her day without managing to alert the paparazzi or disturb her peace. Seems easy, right? Well, your first task involves the most important meal of the day: “It’s your first day on the job and Beyoncé is getting ready for a red carpet. What are you getting her for breakfast? Yogurt, granola, and strawberries or a 5-star breakfast?”

Come to find out, it’s pretty easy to get fired if you’re Beyoncé’s assistant. Chrissy Teigen failed three questions in and so did her own assistant, except her assistant failed on the very first question!

Good luck going through arguably the toughest game out here.

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