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Black Students Sitting-In at Woolworth's

Source: Bettmann / Getty

Segregation in Durham was put to the test in 1957. The request, direct: “We were ordering ice cream, and he kept asking us to leave. We just kept ordering ice cream!”

But on that hot June day in segregated Durham, seven young African Americans challenged both legal and defacto segregation when they asked for frozen treats inside the Royal Ice Cream parlor.

One of the groups, now known as the Royal Seven, was 20-year-old Virginia Williams–then and now a member of St. Joseph African Methodist Episcopal Church.

The church’s current pastor, Reverend Jonathan C. Augustine, praised the courage of Williams and the other sit-in participants on the anniversary of their civil disobedience.

Read more at about the sit in from Ms. Williams and how Pastor Augustine has started “social Justice Sunday’s.”