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UPDATE: A Black Texas woman who was killed by a police officer during a arrest was not pregnant, authorities confirmed.

According to the Dallas News, while Pamela Turner screamed at the officer that she was pregnant before he shot and killed her, an autopsy performed on the victim proved otherwise.

However, Turner’s family told Click 2 Houston that Turner had a history of mental illness and was taking medication for schizophrenia at the time of the shooting. Turner left behind two children in their 20s and three grandchildren.

Her warrants included two criminal mischief and one for assault.

As we previously reported, Turner was shot and killed on Monday night in Baytown, TX,  when a local police officer attempted to arrest her for outstanding warrants he claims he knew she had. The officer, whose name has yet to be shared with the public, says that during Turner’s arrest he had to taser her. But then Turner allegedly snatched the taser away from him and tased him back. Claiming that he feared for his life, the officer shot multiple times at Turner, striking her at least once.

She died on the scene.

Turner’s sister Antoinette revealed that the cop involved was also Turner’s neighbor, which makes us wonder that if the officer knew she had prior warrants, he had to know she had a history of mental illness? And if he did, why didn’t he call back up or use specific de-esclation measures for assailants that battle with these same issues?

Currently, the officer involved is on paid administrative leave.

While the Baytown police are currently investigating the shooting, not surprisingly, they are defending their officer’s actions.

“Our officer was tased, and you have to understand what a Taser is. It’s a weapon designed to incapacitate people. The question is: ‘Was the officer in fear for his life?’ I think a logical person would say yes,” Lt. Steve Dorris told the media.

Meanwhile, Dorris confirms there is body cam footage of the shooting, but it hasn’t been released yet. Snapchat video of the shooting went viral and caused uproar on social media.

***Original Article: “Texas Cop Shoots And Kills Unarmed Black Woman Who Screamed, ‘I’m Pregnant’ 

Sadly, another day, another report of an unarmed Black person being shot and killed by the police.

According to ABC 13, a Texas cop has been placed on paid administrative leave after fatally shooting a woman he was trying to arrest on Monday night in Baytown, a city close to Houston.

According to the Baytown Police Department, an officer on patrol came across a 44-year-old Black woman he claims had outstanding warrants. The officer, whose name has not been shared with the public, claims that as he tried to handcuff her, she allegedly grabbed his taser and used it on him. That prompted him to fire multiple times at the woman, hitting her at least once.

She died on the scene.

Meanwhile, a video of the shooting posted on Snapchat shows the woman screaming to the officer that she was being harassed and that she was also pregnant.

“You’re actually harassing me,” the woman can be heard saying in the video as the Taser is being used. The woman also screamed “I’m pregnant!”

BPD has yet to authenticate the video, but does want to speak with the person who recorded and put it online.

On Tuesday morning, the Baytown Police Department released a statement on Facebook about the shooting, referring to the officer as a 11-year veteran. As stated earlier, the officer in question has been put on paid administrative leave, which is also standard protocol, ABC 13 noted.

In addition, Lt. Steve Dorris told the press that he believes the officer was wearing a body camera, but that footage will not be immediately released due to their on-going investigation.

“We’ll be out for some time tonight to reconstruct the events and get questions answered,” Dorris told reporters.

Plenty of people took to Twitter to sound off on what they believe was unwarranted excessive force:

This is a developing story. We will provide updates as they become available. 


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