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RALEIGH –  Friends describe 34 year old Keonte Gause as the heart and soul of Raleigh’s Helping Hand Missions Marching Band.

Gauses’ body was discovered by police on Sunday inside his car at Denny’s off Wake Forest Rd. in Raleigh.

“When they see Keonte. They’d say oh, it’s on now. It’s on and poppin’ now,” said Silvia Wiggins, his friend. Wiggins runs Helping Hand Mission, a charity where Gause would often lend a hand.

“To think that somebody would hurt somebody with a heart of gold; if they had talked it out, if it’s anything they wanted, if he had to loan you something … he was that kind of person. Always giving,” Wiggins said.

On Tuesday, 19-year-old Samojeh Miley, accused of killing Gause, faced a judge.  In an exclusive interview with ABC11’s Tim Pulliam, Miley’s mother, Michelle Thomas, said her son is innocent.

“That’s my baby, and they’re ragging him out. They’re ragging him out to be a piece of crap. And he’s not a piece of crap. He’s a gifted child,” Thomas stated. “Whoever did this they need to come forward so my son can be let go.”

Miley is in jail without bond.

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