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Knowledgeable science teacher teaches about molecules

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The reports from the NEA say incredible increase but NCEA President says the figures don’t represent actuality.

A report released by the National Education Association this week shows that the average teacher pay in North Carolina has increased by about $2,700 from last year. The increase also bumped the state’s regional and national rankings up, where it now sits second-best in the Southeast and 29th best in the country.

According to NEA, the average teacher salary in 2017-2018 was $51,231; in 2018-2019 it’s $53,975. With that, the national rank jumped five spots.

Former Governor Pat McCrory, also a Republican, also shared his thoughts tweeting, “The day I was elected governor, N.C. teacher pay was 47th in the nation. I was proud to initiate and fulfill our promise to dramatically increase teacher pay after years of neglect. Congratulations to all who helped make this happen.”

But North Carolina Educators Association President Mark Jewell believes the figures are skewed.

“Not everyone has gotten a pay raise. There have been certain tiers and steps but they haven’t been fairly across the board, and that’s why folks have been really struggling,” Jewell explained early Thursday evening outside the NCAE Headquarters in downtown Raleigh.

Jewell said that the salary figures include bonuses, as well as supplemental funding provided by some local districts.

“Most of our experienced educators haven’t received really a significant pay raise since the recession. When you compare it to other professions, with comparable college degrees, we are 62 cents to the dollar,” said Jewell.


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