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Crime: Policeman gives driver a traffic ticket.

Source: Pamela Moore / Getty

Wednesday the Napa County Sheriff’s Office shared footage police body camera video from a sheriff’s deputy in California showing the moment a man opened fire on her through his rolled down window before the officer returned fire and killed the man. The footage is very graphic and is from the Feb. 17 shooting.

The video shows deputy Riley Jarecki standing on the passenger’s side of a vehicle and asks a man sitting in the driver’s seat, Javier Hernandez Morales if she can look around the vehicle. Morales puts his hands in the air appearing to give the deputy permission.

Jarecki says before walking around the back of the car to the driver’s side. “Wait right there, don’t move. OK?” Next Jarecki orders Morales to roll down his window. Morales appears to be confused hesitates a moment and then rolls the window down. Morales quickly pulls out a gun and fires shots at the deputy. Jarecki immediately draws her gun fired multiple shots at the car and killed Morales. See the bodycam video in the link below. Remember the footage is very graphic.