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Source: The Belle Report / Earl Bynum Crew

TBR — Chesapeake, VA (October 29, 2018) – The Hampton Roads Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals recently pulled together it’s first Showcase and Music Industry Summit 2018. The Music Artist Showcase, coupled with an evening of fun took place at (The Mount) Signet Bowling Center in Chesapeake, VA on Friday, October 26th. Those in attendance were treated to new music from some of Gospel’s latest recording artists from the East Coast including A’saun, Joey Alston, Joseph Stephens, Darnell Moore, The Mount Millennial Choir, Linda Wiggins and Cathy Waters.   The evening was hosted by Minister Earl Bynum, president of the Hampton Roads Alliance of Gospel Music Professionals.  To add some fun to the evening, Chick-fil-a give away cards were also handed out during the evening.

The weekend concluded on Saturday, October 27th with morning sessions and presentations from some of best in the business.  Sybil Sloan, Business Consultant talked about everything an artist should know when it comes to handling their money from A – Z, April Chandler, HBK Media discussed the Music Economy and where the money is really being made and Sheilah Belle “The Belle”, CEO The Belle Report, presented her Digital Social Media Connect session with a heavy focus on Facebook, Instagram and Radio, from AM to FM and where Internet radio is headed.

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Source: The Belle Report / Alex Holt

Following these mind blowing sessions the Hampton Roads Gospel Alliance presented a silent listening party and luncheon featuring Alex Holt.  Special guest joining Holt to discuss his music were Doc Christian and Terrance Howell.  Here’s how it worked.  Once the moderator and guest asked Holt about a song, Holt then played the song that could only be heard through the headsets.  So instead of blasting his music through on stage speakers, audience participants were able to put on a pair of headsets and really focus on the music they were hearing.  The quality of the sound in the headsets was impeccable and the responses that Holt was looking for, he received.

This was really a lot of fun.  By the end of the listening session, Holt was able to narrow down his decision on which single he would go with first to present to radio.

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Source: The Belle Report / Hampton Roads/From left to right: A’saun, Brother Willie Jones, Sheilah Belle, Earl Bynum, April Washington Chandler, Alex Holt, Bishop Kenneth Wells and Darnell Moore

Other special guests in attendance included Brother Willie Jones, President of the Chicago Gospel Alliance and Bishop Kenneth Wells, President of the West Coast Gospel Alliance.  Both flew in for the two day event, marking their first time on the East Coast.  Also making a special appearance was the darling of Virginia Gospel Music, Peggy Britt, who serenaded the Saturday crowd to a breathtaking a’cappella tune that led to Praise & Worship.  This was truly a moment from heaven.

All of the presenters and special guests were presented with special gifts my by Specialty Cakes by Pam.  Well done, Minister Earl Bynum and to your entire team.

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