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So while money continues to be raised to cure Cancer, when will we start Thinking about stopping what causes Cancer! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!”

If you stop cancer at the root or at it’s foundation, you won’t need a cure for cancer.   People will no longer be able to make money off of cancer victims.

WE MUST start looking closer to the foods we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe and what is put in the foods we eat before they get to our tables!

However it seems to be more about the money and how much money can be made off of someone’s health.

And think about this: There is more money being made when you can treat people, give them medication, surgery and radiation, verses stopping it’s exist and cutting it off at it’s foundation!

FOLLOW the Money Trail!  Those who are making the medicine, treating people, hospital stays, doctors, nurses, insurance, YES We Need Them, BUT we need, to find what is causing Cancer MORE!

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