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The powers that be are after  S. Lee Merritt who has been passionately and successfully fighting for civil rights. Currently, he represents the family of  Botham Jean, the 26-year-old who was killed in his own apartment in Dallas, Texas by former police officer Amber Guyger. However, Merrit has been in a legal battle of his own with 16 unlawful practice charges against him, 

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A lawsuit from January claimed he was unlawfully practicing law in Texas. The Star-Telegram reports, “Merritt’s ability to represent clients in Texas courts was challenged by the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, a panel established by the Texas Supreme Court. The committee filed a complaint in January in Tarrant County asking that a judge grant a temporary restraining order prohibiting Merritt from practicing law in Texas, but then filed a motion on asking the court to withdraw that complaint. They refiled in Collin County.”

The complaints have been dropped.

Merritt told the Star-Telegram, “I run a national civil rights firm that I use to advocate on behalf of victims. The rules governing that practice are not difficult to understand. If I am advocating on behalf of individuals seeking redress for federal or constitutional violations I have the authority to do so as a attorney in good standing before the federal courts and my practice should be allowed to move forward unmolested. That was exactly what I was doing when Sharen Wilson, the Tarrant County D.A. lodged the first compliant with the state bar. The bar had a responsibility to tell her as much and to possibly admonish her as a state agent for making a baseless claim.”

He also wrote on Twitter, “Now back to business.”

Hopefully, this is also one step closer to Botham Jean receiving justice.


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