Real Talk Kim: “As Long As You Ain’t Dead, God Ain’t Done” [VIDEO]


Kimberly Jones‐Pothier, better known as Real Talk Kim, is on a journey to help others. Kim and her husband, Mark Pothier are Senior Pastors at Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville, Georgia.

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Kim’s book, “When Your Bad Meets His Good,” is releasing on December 4, 2018 and this book will change your life. She looks to help people find answers while facing tough times and to remind us that those tough times are seasons, they don’t define our life!

Pastor Kim stopped by The Detroit Praise Network to talk about her journey, the new book, and to urge us all to alter our mindset. Kim’s walk is a inspiration to anyone that may feel stuck in their season and she says, “God elevates you while people are sleeping on you!” Check out more of Real Talk Kim’s inspirational interview with Randi Myles:

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Some of y'all have been STUCK long enough! You got five weeks to let go of everything that's held you bound and back in 2018. The way you leave one year is the way you'll enter 2019! I dare you to help God help you and decide I'm done nursing these old wounds. I'm done allowing a season in my life to define my WHOLE lifetime. God, I'm ready! I'm divorcing anxiety issues and fear!! I'm taking back my peace, my sanity, my health, my joy, my sleep, my finances, my happiness! I'm literally going after you! Holding on to fear, chaos, old dead relationships and confusion is wreaking havoc on me. I'm done! Nobody can break this off of you but you and God! You have to want it and be ready for change!!! If this is you… I peached a sermon today on "Breaking Soul Ties" It was just uploaded to my YouTube channel. Go watch it. You are about to get FREE! Go to YouTube and search "Real Talk Kim" it will pop up! Subscribe to my channel because I believe God has given me a word to help SET YOU FREE! I put all my sermons up there. I Iove you and I believe in YOU!!!! You and God got this! PEACE is yours TONIGHT!!! #realtalkkim #realtalkkimvideo thanks for this clip @mel_2911 and to the guy that SLAYED that organ @keyz_for_life I love you both so much. Couldn’t do it without y’all! Teamwork makes the dream work! Won’t He do it!!! 💃💃💃💃💃💃 #realtalk

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Visit to preorder her book, “When Your Bad Meets His Good.”

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