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Wednesday, on The Real , Jemele Hill sat in as a co-host , to do a little #GIRLCHAT to discuss her docuseries, “Shut Up and Dribble”

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The topic was brought up on NBA players versus NFL players that use their platform to raise awareness. After, Lebron along with the L.A Laker Team, wearing shirts that read, “ENOUGH” , with the victims of the Thousand Oak shooting victims in California, including The Real host Tamera Mowry-Housley and husband Adam Housleys’ niece Alana Housley.

Hill says, “There was a time when they were a little reluctant to speak up, because I do tend to think athletes follow whoever is that athlete of that generation. Hill, mentions Michael Jordan , saying, “A lot of athletes followed the Michael Jordan blueprint , which was to stay A-political , make a lot of money, become a global brand.”

She expresses how LeBron has changed that idea , “Now LeBron is showing them , that you can have so much ownership of your story, of who you are , and what you believe in , and still make the money.”

LeBron is without a doubt a phenomenal player, who is very vocal and the NBA backs him all the way. The Real host, Loni asked, “What happened with the NFL?”

Jemele responds without hesitation, “Money, to be honest the NBA players; LeBron James, included; they have a lot more financial leverage and a bigger financial state. The contracts in the NBA are guaranteed.”

Hill informs the ladies, ” With the NFL players , they do not have guaranteed contracts. Now they’ll get a certain amount of guaranteed money. She continues to talk about the financial leverage of the NFL owners over the players, saying “that is also used to suppress them and suppress their voices.”

Jemele compares the differences of NFL to NBA, pointing out how the sports are marketed differently mentioning, “They market football as a value sport. This is about family, faith , and football.”

The NBA markets their star individuals on a team, Hill says, “Look at the NBA fan base, they expect these players to be authentic and real. It’s an individual sport and they like it when guys show edge. They like it when guys color a little outside the lines, but football itself has always been about suppressing individuality for conformity.”

The topic continues as, Loni mentions Colin Kaepernick and she ask, “Can he still play?”. Jemele expresses ” Yes, he absolutely can!” She continues to talk about the types of players the NFL is currently signing, “they’re signing guys off the street.”

Hill addresses the fact the, no the 49ers weren’t winning but Colin is a great player, she highlights that “this is a guy that was one under throw away from going to back to back Super Bowls.”

It’s clear he is a much better player than current NFL players, like TJ Yates, Mark Sanchez “who hasn’t won a game in three years”. The stubbornness of the NFL is clear, Hill states, “the NFL owners they’re dug in on this, he’s never going to play in the NFL again.”

As Colin’s stand for “equality and justice” is the main reason Hill feels that Kaepernick won’t be able to play, “not because he did something dastardly or heinous” she says. The harsh  but true reality Hill expresses “if Colin Kaepernick had put his hands on a woman, he’d be in the NFL.”

Despite those that boycott the NFL and Kaepernick probably never coming back; Jemele feels “the battle was lost”, when not enough players supported him. “The players should know that anytime they use this amount of heavy handedness to silence somebody, eventually they’re going to silence you.”



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