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Strokes affect millions of people and happen suddenly with little time for action; here are some warning signs everyone should know.

Around 80 million people living in the world today have experienced a stroke and over 50m survivors live with some form of permanent disability as a result. While for many, life after stroke won’t be quite the same, with the right care and support living a meaningful life is still possible. As millions of stroke survivors show us every day, it is possible to get #UpAgainAfterStroke.

While the impact of stroke will be different for everyone. On World Stroke Day on 29th October 2018 we want to focus the world’s attention on what unites stroke survivors and caregivers, namely their resilience and capacity to build on the things that stroke can’t take away; their determination to keep going on the recovery journey.

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Here are some early warning signs of stroke that everyone should know:

Common symptoms of stroke can be recognized with the help of “FAST”.

F for drooping Face: The moment you notice a droop or an uneven smile on the person’s face, it is a warning sign of stroke.

A for numb Arms: If a person feels numbness in arms or a little weakness in arms, it is a warning sign of stroke. In case you feel unsure of the warning sign, ask the person to raise his/her arms. If the arms drop down or aren’t steady when raised, it is a warning sign of stroke.

S for difficulty in Speech: If a person finds it difficult in speech, it is a warning sign of stroke. Slurring speech can be a sign that a person is having a stroke.

T stands for Time: If a person is having any of the above warning sign or all of them, you need to act immediately and take necessary steps like calling for emergency.