Father walking with children while pushing baby stroller against plants in city

Source: Maskot / Getty


Atlanta parents, David Parker and Dana Mango, hired Corey Lewis to babysit their white children while they went out to dinner.

The parents were called by police on Sunday after their babysitter was followed home by a woman who had called 911, fearing the family’s two children were in danger.

The couple told GMA they had been out at dinner when the incident unfolded, and missed a call from babysitter Corey Lewis. When they called back, a police officer answered the phone.

The babysitter, Corey Lewis, tells GMA that after he and the two children finished eating at a Subway in Marietta, Georgia, he noticed the woman staring at them, and when they got in the car she drove up and asked if the children were OK?

Lewis answered:  “Why wouldn’t they be?”

She then followed them to the gas station and then home, where she called police on the black “babysitter.”


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