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San Francisco Career Fair Helps Military Veterans Find Jobs

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A woman in Illinois was busted while searching for another job on her lunch break. Is this a big deal or not?  This was Melissa’s “Your Thoughts Thursday”  feature…. so give us your thoughts below.

While on her lunch break from her current non-profit job, 33-year-old Ja’Naea Modest, attended a job fair.  As she was completing her application she didn’t notice that a local news station was filming her at the job fair.

After Ja’Naea finished she went back to work and completed her shift.  She didn’t realize that she was part of the news coverage for the job fair until a friend alerted her that she was on the news.

So now everyone, including her current employer knows that she is in search for another job.  Modest says she loves her non-profit job that helps the disabled but she also trying to save money to move.

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