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Another day, another example of a teacher showing their white supremacist tendencies.

Case in point: A Florida teacher is under fire for allegedly telling students to not date Black boys because they are “not worth it.”

According to News 4 Jax, last October, Kernan Middle School launched an investigation against David Swinyar, a 48-year-old math teacher, for calling African-American students the n-word. Apparently, a student’s parent brought the incident to the principal’s attention.

The Huff Post reported that nearly 12 students told the school district during the investigation that it all started when Swinyar overheard another student in class use the “f-word.”

“If my daughter was dating someone who used the ‘f’ word, I wouldn’t have any respect for that n****r,” Swinyar said.

He allegedly continued, “If your boyfriend says bad things to you and/or treats you wrong, that means that he’s acting like a n****r,” he said, per the report. “You all should not be dating all these different African-Americans [sic] boys because they are not worth it.”

Of course, the students called him out with Swinyar denying he said it, claiming that because he attends a Black church, he couldn’t be racist.

After doing their due diligence, the district’s disciplinary report stated the following: Mr. Swinyar exercised poor judgment when he engaged in inappropriate communications in the presence of, and/or toward students, by using the ‘n’ word in a conversation with students and/or when he referred to a student. He also made other inappropriate comments such as: ‘You are in my class because you failed the FSA,’ ‘You all should not be dating all these different African-American boys because they are not worth it,’ and calling students “dumb.”

In addition, Swinyar was also accused of watching porn in the classroom and staring at female students’ breasts, but the school has yet to comment on those accusations.

In the meantime, the school district has finally agreed on Swinyar’s punishment after all these months. He is being suspended without pay for a mere 10 days.

Yes. Ten days.

Schools are out there just hiring anybody and our kids are the one suffering because of it.


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