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Pastor Sam Adeyemi preaches the word of God in Nigeria. When he first began he was taught that tithing was required of all Christians so that God’s blessings would pour over them. Christian Post reports that Adeyemi recently declared that tithing is no longer required because Jesus freed them of this practice.

He said, “So I say again, tithing as practiced under the Law of Moses as a regulation has expired. No Christian should feel guilty for not paying tithes. No Christian should be made to feel guilty for not paying tithes.” Adeyemi is the founder of Daystare Christian Centre and has over 20,000 members.

Adeyemi believes that things are changing and he doesn’t want people to feel like tithing needs to continue to happen. He mentioned, “Nobody should tell a Christian that for you to be accepted before God first or for you to be righteous you must pay your tithes. When Jesus said it is finished it was finished. There is nothing anybody can add to what Jesus did to be justified before God. All anybody needs to do now to be free from sin is to pray and ask for forgiveness.” What are your thoughts on no longer tithing.

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