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Big Shiz talks about all of the people who have reached out to him since he started putting his EP together, including Brandy, and Rick Ross. Though he is accepting and open to how it is morphing into something else, he talks about the importance of preserving the message he originally set out to convey. He explains that when Brandy called him, she was genuinely offended, and even cried because she really wanted to be a part of it. He talks about feeling grateful that she and other artists have such a great regard for the work.

Big Shiz also talks about how his 12 year old son factors into the goals he has with this project. He recalls being young and able to listen to progressive gospel music, like Commission or The Winans, in the car with his parents. It’s that kind of music that molded him into a songwriter. He expresses concern over the kind of music available today to inspire his son in such a way, especially as s young black man in America. “Ultimately in the spiritual realm our sonic is a message from heaven,” Big Shiz explains. People need to turn up, he notes, but the music still has to affect some kind of change. Check out this exclusive video in this interview from “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.”

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