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Long gone are the days when only one size, shade, and celebrity status was featured on the front of a magazine. And while we still have a long way to go in the discussion and fight for inclusivity, platforms like blogging, creative spaces, and even Youtube have allowed for people to be seen and heard.

For Glamour UK’s latest cover, Patricia Bright graces the cover in her full, melanin glory! Bright is a London-based, Nigerian Youtuber who currently boasts over 1 million followers and counting. She’s not, however, an average Youtuber or someone you may “expect” is pretty much a celebrity. Bright is literally that…bright! Her funny humor and silly nature make her relatable to countless people. She’s organic with content and constantly shares the trueness of being a mother, an influencer, a wife, and an entrepreneur. If anything, every single one of Patricia’s viewers (myself included), feel like part of her family. So Bright’s transcendence into the milli club was not only a big deal for women, but for Brown women who oftentimes don’t see themselves tapping into those spheres of influencement. Realistically, we oftentimes see the same aesthetic pushed for Black women, and while we celebrate them all, it’s imperative that the Jackie Aina’s and the Patricia Bright’s of the world are included.

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For the famed publication, Bright opened up on a variety of things in regards to her life that we can all take away from. And yes, she did not shy away from discussing the fact that she still is learning to grow confidence in herself and on the importance of representation.

On being comfortable with who she is:

“My reality might be a bit more squidgy, but I’m still comfortable with who I am and not being perfect. And if I want to change things, that’s great, too. Real beauty comes from who you are on the inside and as I’ve grown into myself, I’ve realized that beauty genuinely is in the eye of the beholder. There will be people who find you beautiful regardless of society’s beauty standards, so find that group. Find the people who love you.”

On the representation she looked for growing up:

“When I was growing up, there weren’t many Black celebrities in the UK. So, I looked to American women like Oprah and Tyra Banks. I didn’t know much about Naomi Campbell, but now I appreciate how great she is. I’ve seen her at events and she has this amazing grace. When she walks into the room, everyone looks up.”

Not to mention her amazing video where she dishes on 10 things you may not know about her:

We’re so excited to see someone who has worked so hard to get a cover! What an amazing node to #BlackGirlMagic but also the power of doing the work and watching the seeds grow. We can’t wait for what Patricia has next. Check out the full interview over on Glamour UK.


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