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Get ready, y’all — Omarosa is ready to run her mouth all over the country!

According to The Boston Globe, Trump’s gal pal is about to rock the speaking circuit, she “joined American Programs Bureau, a top booking firm headquartered in Newton whose speakers sometimes command more than $50,000 an appearance. The prestigious firm also represents celebrities such as Larry King, Al PacinoEarvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, and Sarah Palin. The bureau describes Omarosa as “rising from the depths of extreme poverty to become the only African American senior advisor to the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump” and she “is one of the most dynamic keynotes in the speaking world today.”

Let’s break this down… the speaking tours generally consists of college campuses and major corporations. What college campus wants to see Omarosa babble for an hour? Her “performance” at NABJ in New Orleans certainly wasn’t marketable. In case you missed it, see below:

Also, who did the reality star convince at the American Programs Bureau that she is “one of the most dynamic keynotes in the speaking world today”? The homophobic and sexist Black Hebrew Israelites on the streets of New York City are more “dynamic” than her.

We all know Omarosa has incredibly high self-esteem (she is reportedly struggling to land a ten-million dollar book deal) but what school or corporation will shell out anywhere near $50,000 for a person whose most famous title is one of the biggest reality television villains of all time? No one gives a damn what she has to say — even if she dishes on allegedly bumping and grinding with 45.

SOURCE: The Boston Globe


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