Boy (6-8) with sad look on face, surrounded by shadows

Source: Josh Mitchell / Getty


 An 8-year-old Dante Daniels was beaten to death with a hammer while trying to defend his sister from being molested.

According to WSFA, Dante caught his mother’s ex-boyfriend trying to commit a lewd act on his 7-year-old sister, Danae. That prompted 23-year-old Deandre Chaney Jr. to attack Dante, Danae and their 28-year-old mother Elizabeth Salone.

Police say that Chaney Jr. used a knife, a hammer and lighter fluid in the attack. Dante was injured the most. He was declared brain dead and died six days after the incident.

 His grandmother told WSFA that the 3rd grader was “trying to save his sister from this child molester, and that’s why he was beat the worst.”

The mother’s ex also reportedly attacked the little sister and mother with a hammer and a knife, and is said to have used lighter fluid during the crime. All three family members were transported to the hospital with severe injuries. Tragicly, Dante was declared brain dead and died six days later.


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