Yolanda Adams

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Move over Starbucks… here comes “Yolanda Adams Coffee” – a healthy choice of coffee.  Yolanda comments, “My dream has come true!”  With flavors like Yolanda’s Signature Blend, Colombia Supremo and Peru Organic, the coffee starts at $10.95 per 12 oz bag.  Adams says, “My new coffee venture is a labor of love in honor of all my relatives and friends who enjoy coffee. I remember as a child waking to the aroma of my Grandmother and Grandfather’s favorite blend. The scent would hit my nose on those weekend mornings when I’d spent the night. I could hear the percolator on her gas stove making rhythmic stacatto sounds as the water rushed over and saturated the coffee grounds. It was almost like Science Project perfection. I later found out, while studying how to best prepare coffee, that Granny had it right all along.”

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