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Last month, New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose and two of his friends were cleared of sexual assault charges in a Los Angeles court. Clearly, a jury of his peers finding him “not liable” for rape wasn’t enough for the millionairehe now wants for his accuser to pay his court costs.

According to the New York Daily News, Rose and his co-defendants Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen are seeking $70,000, claiming that they “entitled” to “expenses they incurred in defending themselves against…false claims” of drugging and raping the alleged victim in 2013. The motion was filed in court on November 5.

Rose also states that the woman’s “aggressive pursuit of false claims…have taken an enormous, costly and irreparable toll on (him) and his public image and reputation.

The accuser has since replied to the motion filing a “declaration of financial hardship,” yet Rose believes that because she owns her own home and drives a Cadillac, she can definitely afford his court costs, the Daily News noted.

As we previously reported, last yearthe unnamed accuser filed a $21.5 million dollar civil lawsuit against Rose (who played for the Chicago Bulls at the time) and his friends for allegedly breaking into her apartment and raping her while she was passed out drunk. Rose, Hampton and Allen all admitted to having sex with the woman, but all maintained that the sex was consensual.

While Rose & Company were cleared, his accuser plans to appeal the verdict.

Now, without making any comments about Rose’s guilt or innocence in this case (despite the verdict the jury handed down), one does have to wonder if accused rapists suing their accusers for covering court costs becomes a trend, will this deter rape victims even more to not report their assaults to the police?


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