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Donald Trump talked himself into a battle he may be unable to talk himself out of.

After Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala, parents of a decorated American soldier who was killed in Iraq, appeared at the Democratic National Convention, Trump responded vehemently to Khan’s remarks.

Over this past weekend, the Khans and Trump exchanged words through various media outlets, much to the chagrin of Republicans who have been left scrambling in an attempt to perform damage control.

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, caught up with the Khans on Monday and asked them about the war of words between them and the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Khan shared with Martin the outpouring of love and support his family has received since being thrust into the national spotlight.

Mrs. Khan told Martin that the experience has been “heartbreaking,” because she has been asked to share how she felt over and over on the day of their appearance at the DNC. She said, “I don’t appreciate this, because that was just my feeling that I could not explain at that time.

“Everybody saw how much love I got without saying anything.”

In speaking about Trump, Khan said, “This candidate continues to divide us, he continues to create the fear of division, fear mongering. It’s not good political practice at this time.”

Martin asked Mr. Khan about the comments made against him by Trump’s former advisor Roger Stone, who alleged Khan is a double agent for the Muslim Brotherhood. Khan responded, “This is nothing new in the history of this country.”

“Such sentiments have always existed; look at what they did to leaders of civil rights. The history is there, I don’t need to name, we can simply look back and we see that,” said Khan.

“These burdens we have to carry, we have to bare, to be on the right side of the time. We are on the right side of the time and they are on the wrong side of the time,” he continued.

“Time will prove it and history will prove it. We are writing the better chapter of history.”

Watch Roland Martin and the Khans discuss their ongoing feud with Donald Trump in the video clip above.


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