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Thief stealing elderly woman's handbag

Source: Bart Geerligs / Getty

A local plumber is being called a hero after he says on Saturday two men with a knife approach two women outside of a coffee shop on Glenwood Avenue.  Everett Collymore said “There were other people around. Some of them just stood on the side and looked…some of them walked away.”

Collymore, an Army veteran, said he felt compelled to help “I just wanted to help them. It wasn’t right to leave them alone…not being able to do something about it.”  Collymore said the men refused his orders to stop.

He added “I just did what any other person would do.”  Collymore said then he “took care of business” and subdued the men in the parking lot. The women got in their car and called the police.

His company, Michael and Sons, received an email from from a Lydia Morrison saying she and her 78-year-old mother were saved by his actions and wanted to thank the man they called their hero.  Collymore said he instead of a hero, would call himself a plumber.

“It’s just human instinct. I think anybody would have done the same.”  The women never got Collymore’s name, but instead reached out to his company.

Michael and Sons reached out to the women to let them know they located the man they called a hero, and would connect them for a proper thank you.


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