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I had the pleasure of hosting Bishop Marvin Sapp during my midday show on Thursday December 4, 2015. Bishop Sapp was in town to minister at one of our local churches. Bishop Sapp talked about his new CD project “You Shall Live” featuring his hit single “Yes You Can” and his current new single “Live”.

During the interview we talked about the CD project and played “Live” as well as “Beloved”. The y are great sounding songs and it looks like Bishop Sapp has another great CD. We talked music but what I really enjoyed during his visit was our conversation about raising our girl(s) as single parents. I didn’t know that we had that in common. Bishop  Sapp talked about the loss of his wife and the challenges he had raising daughters as a single parent.

This was during the physical development stage of his daughter’s life, when they were changing from girls to young ladies. I raised my oldest daughter by myself for a year when she was 13 years old. That was the biggest challenge of my life at that time.

I have always appreciated Bishop Sapp for his ministry and music but now I have a dapper appreciation for him now. The stories we shared about how we tried to do our little girls hair on our own was pretty funny. You have to give us an A for effort. His daughters and my daughter have blossomed into outstanding ladies and for that we give God the glory.  Check out Marvin Sapp’s new CD project “You Shall Live” in stores now.