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Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

Cam Newton and the undefeated Carolina Panthers record is currently 9-0. This is the best start in the franchises history. The start is a product of a strategic plan from five years ago. The team looked to build the team with tough blue-collar players that were willing to mix it up and not back down to anyone.

As a follower of the franchise from day one I have seen my share of the team’s ups and downs. Like other faithful Panthers fans we’ve been waiting for that day when we would return to the Super Bowl hoping for a different outcome. The last and only time we made it to the Super Bowl was in 2004, we lost a 32-29 heartbreaker to the New England Patriots.

What Panthers fans don’t understand is why so much attention is being give to Cam’s post touchdown dance. That “Dabbing” dance has received more attention than the teams outstanding play and historic start to the season. The dance has received negative attention and reportedly offended one fan in particular.

During the Panthers’ hard fought 27-10 win over the and up and coming Tennessee Titans last Sunday Cam Newton did what he normally does after scoring a touchdown, he celebrated it with a dance. The dance he celebrated the TD was the “Dabbing” dance. Honestly I don’t know any names of the dances Cam does but you can tell that they are well thought out.

Well this dance caused an outrage because people thought Cam was showing disrespect to the Titans team and fans. A female Titans fan went so far as to send Cam a letter saying his dance offended her 9-year-old daughter.

Panther fans wonder if this was a sore loser that was upset at the fact that her team lost and looked for an excuse to lash out at the quarterback or she was seeing something that most others did not see at all.

I think a slice of one of Patti’s Pies will make her feel much better. Panthers fans hope that Cam will have the team dancing all the way to the playoffs and hopefully to the Surer Bowl.