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Hillary Clinton Town Hall Moderated By Roland Martin

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The clip of Roland Martin, Host and Managing Editor of TV One’s NewsOne Now, teaching Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton how to “wobble” may have gone viral, but it’s the substantive issues that the veteran journalist tackled with the former Secretary of State that were the real show.

During the Town Hall in South Carolina, which was hosted by the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus, Martin left no stone unturned.

From medical marijuana and diversity on the Supreme Court, to the dismal state of veteran affairs, Clinton was faced with her toughest scrutiny to date as she made her case for African American voters.

On The Supreme Court:

After requesting that the Black women in the audience stand up, Martin asked Clinton, “…will you put a Black woman on the Supreme Court?”

Clinton laughed and played to the room, before effortlessly dodging the question:

“Do we have any candidates here? Well, I would certainly consider people who have the energy, and the intellect, and the experience to be on the Supreme Court.”

Martin didn’t let her off that easy, adding, “We got a whole list, so it would be good to see a sista on the Supreme Court. I’m just sayin.’”

It sure would.

See the entire exchange below:

On Veteran Affairs:

Martin opined that the Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs should be a priority cabinet position, on par with Secretary of State and Attorney General.

To that end, he asked Clinton, “What is your commitment to ensuring that the Department of Veteran Affairs is the best federal agency and will you make that a fundamental priority if you are President of the United States?”

Clinton responded, “And the answer is yes…there are certainly systemic problems with the VA. And they need to be fixed and no one should tolerate them. It’s an outrage if anyone has been mistreated or left untreated by the VA.”

See what else Clinton had to say below:


Want to see more of Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina Town Hall? Stay informed below:

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