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At age 5, Julianna Snow is probably more brave than most adults. The Oregon resident told her parents that she would rather stay home next time she got sick instead of going to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

Julianna has spent much of her short life in hospitals being treated for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, an incurable disease that breaks down the nerves and causes complications breathing and swallowing.

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Recently Julianna’s mother, Michelle,  shared an exchange she had with Julianna about the decision to choose heaven over the hospital:

J: I will love you forever.

M: I will love you forever.

J: I will always be your baby.

M: And I will always be your mom.

J: Not when we die…

M: Yes, even when we die.

J: Mom, will you miss me when I die?

M: Oh, Julianna. I nod.

J: I don’t want you to be sad. I want to give you flowers so that you remember me.

M: Julianna — it could be a long time — you’ve done so well. Do you worry about dying?

J: Nods. Sometimes. I’m used to things here. I’m not used to dying.

M: Of course not. No one is. We only die once. Sweetie, I don’t want you to worry about it.

J: Will you miss me?

M: Yes. I will miss you so much. I’ll be really sad. But I’ll come join you one day.

J: Will I die in heaven?

M: No, we only die once. We get to live in heaven forever.

J: Good. I won’t die in heaven. When you die, will I come to get you?

M: I don’t really know how it works, Julianna. But I think you will be the first person I see when I get to heaven. And I’ll be so happy.


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