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UIC The General

The GENERAL & ANTI-GRAVITY are a multi-talented group of young people who have captivated their gifts & callings of music in order to motivate, inspire, drive and minister to people towards achieving their goals and enjoying everyday life.

Birthed out of the heart & mind of visionary Michael Georges Jr.aka “da GENERAL,” they have understood the freedom inwhat they do by taking God’s word to the EXTREME. In 2005, Michael started an indie label to enhance his skills & talents called FREAKN8ION Ent. which will feature other aspiring artists and family members to bring out their talents. Despite ups & downs, Mike stayed faithful to the call. In early 2011, he connected with strategic people that combined and became ANTI-GRAVITY. Their music will move you, their ministry will impact you, and their hearts will forever be in the hands of God.


November 13, 1986, a star was born. Michael Sr. and Cheryl Georges were favored by God to bring their son, Michael A. Georges Jr., into the world. The eldest of three children, at the tender age of 3 years, Michael discovered what would become his lifelong passion; music.

A child prodigy, Georges Jr. began his musical odyssey as a percussionist at a very young age through the influence and encouragement of his parents and his great grandmother, the late Reverend Dr. Mary Washington. As the years progressed, so did the skill set of this musical virtuoso. He, furthermore, added the piano and organ to his musical arsenal.

Despite showing exemplary ability as an athlete and being heavily recruited for his skill and work ethic, Georges Jr. felt a unique and compelling call to express himself and his love for God through music.

After 2 years of playing instruments and singing as a solo artist in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina, under the inspiration of his pastor, Dr. J. Lemuel Spence and another local minister, Georges Jr. formed his band, “Anti-Gravity.” Adopting the name “General” for his drive, military like discipline, and work ethic. General and Anti-Gravity began to see meteoric rise in their region and beyond.

Infusing elements of rock, heavy metal, funk, and soul into their high energy and vocally aggressive presentation, General and Anti-Gravity are taking worship music to new and unseen dimensions. Their fresh, new, and innovative style of rock/gospel music is reaching beyond traditional walls and limits. They are hitting home with a new generation of individuals seeking the face of God.

Mission: To inspire & enable all of God’s people to be greater than their circumstance. To exemplify who we were created to be by God and through God, and to live our lives without limitations. We are here to Ignite, Excite, and most of all MINISTER EFFECTIVELY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!