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On Wednesday, 29 year old Vincente David Montano bought a ticket for “Mad Max: Fury Road” at a theater in southern Nashville and initially it appeared as if another mass shooting at a movie theater was going to occur.  However the attack ended up being by a disturbed homeless man who was armed with pepper spray, an airsoft pellet gun and an ax.

Eventually Montano was shot and killed by officers on the scene.  A news release issued late Wednesday says police officers who were nearby responding to a vehicle crash were alerted by some of the theatergoers who ran outside to get help.

The release also said that six year veteran and south precinct officer Jonathan Frith, was the first officer that encountered Montano. Montano pointed his pellet gun at Frith and pulled the trigger, therefore prompting Frith to fire one round from his patrol rifle in self-defense.

Frith then backed out of the theater while keeping Montano contained inside as SWAT officers responded.  Montano then began to use the pepper spray and officers said they walked into a cloud of it as they entered to take Montano into custody.

Montano fired his pellet gun again and four SWAT members fired back in response. According to the release when Montano attempted to flee out the rear door of the theater he emerged with an ax in hand and started toward officers.

That is when five officers opened fire and Montano was struck and killed.  Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said Montano was the only person killed in the incident however one man was cut on the shoulder by Montano’s ax and that man’s wife and daughter were treated for pepper spray.

Aaron said a motive has not been identified by police, but Montano had been committed for psychiatric treatment at least four times since 2004.

Aaron also said that it began to appear less likely that Montano intended to inflict mass casualties similar to recent theater shootings because instead entering a theater for a newly released film, Montano chose a theater for a movie that’s been out for some time.

Metro Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson said such attacks have become entirely too common.


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