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Jason Alvarez

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Pastor Jason Alvarez is back with his brand new solo album, Time For Miracles.

The music industry first came to know Jason Alvarez (who briefly went by his birth name Jesus) as the husky voiced singer of R&B act Brother to Brother (whose “In the Bottle” moved over a million copies in 1974), followed by his partnership with singer/songwriter Sylvia Robinson in the groundbreaking group Shirley & Company, who topped the worldwide dance charts with the #1 international hit “Shame Shame Shame” in 1975. That song is commonly considered the early blueprint for the disco explosion that dominated the decade.

Best described as a praise and worship album, Time For Miracles will surprise listeners with its versatility, ranging from acoustic anthems to Gospel grooves. There’s even a guest appearance by fellow church member Kory-O of Sugar Hill Gang fame!

Pastor Alvarez says:

“God’s greatest asset is transparency and He’s not afraid to show who he really is, Nothing in the Bible is hidden, which is why I don’t have a problem sharing each and every dirty detail of my life. My life is amazing now that I’m saved and I hope that being honest about all I’ve been through can potentially help someone else.”


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