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Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette took the time to mention the need for equal pay for women during her Oscar acceptance speech saying,

“To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

Her comments lead to widespread applause but not long after the applause started, Arquette quieted supporters of and kicked off a firestorm when she said,

“… there are huge issues that are at play that really do affect women. It’s time for all the women in America and all the men that love women and all the gay people and people of color that we’ve all fought for to fight for us now.”

On Tuesday, Roland Martin and “NewsOne Now” discussed Arquette’s comments and the backlash that she has received as a result of her unscripted backstage comments at the Oscars.

“NewsOne Now” panelist Avis Jones-DeWeever had a couple of issues with Arquette’s statement and told Martin, “… not all ‘white women’ have been fighting for LGBT and people of color.”

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“Was she out there with the #BlackLivesMatter movement? I doubt it, and then beyond that of course there is this issue of intersectionality. There happens to be women who are women of color, there happen to be women who are lesbians … when you talk about the issue of equal pay, we’re especially suffering,” said DeWeever. “If you look at the wage gap with white women, it’s 78 cents to the dollar, for Black women it’s 64 cents to the dollar, for Latinos it’s 54 cents to the dollar.”

DeWeever added, “Let’s get very real about this, on a couple of different areas, she missed the mark.”

Manago told Martin, “What Patricia has inadvertently revealed is that sense of white entitlement that a lot of people have in that community.”

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He also stated, there was a time when white gays would say “We gave y’all a Black president, we let y’all have that, now y’all should support us.”

“It’s the same mentality, they let us have stuff, so that’s a racist perspective under the guise of being inclusive and progressive, which is what Arquett revealed.”

Watch Martin, Cleo Manago and Avis Jones-DeWeever discuss Arquett’s controversial comments in the video clip above.

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